No student will be admitted to school without presenting tangible documentation that immunization and health requirements have been met. Students entering from other countries must present record of immunizations completed in the state of Florida. Students transferring from other states must have a Florida Record of Immunizations filled out by a doctor in Florida.

Immunization Requirements for School Entry
  • Student Physical Examination-HRS Form 3040 (Yellow Form)
    • This form must be completed for students enrolling in a Florida school for the first time. Date of form must be no more than 12 months prior to entry date. Form must include proof of tuberculosis clinical screening and appropriate follow-up.
  • Certificate of Immunization-HRS or DH Form 680 (Blue Form)
    • Part A – Student has received all required immunization
      Part B – Temporary medical Exemption
      (Additional certification must be presented on or before the expiration date)
      Part C – Permanent medical exemption
      HRS Form 681 – Religious Exemption