Principal’s Message

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Dear EBT K-8 Families,

I am honored and humbled to be the principal at Eugenia B. Thomas K-8 Center (EBT). I look forward to all we can, and will accomplish, as a team. Even though we have faced challenges in the not-too-distant past, we have been steadfast in our mission to provide our students with a “world class” education, and we have been successful in doing so. We will continue to face challenges in the future, however, if we do not give up, and work together, we will continue to grow and succeed. As with Mrs. Thomas (our school’s namesake), I strongly believe that working together we will build a better society for our children and the generations to come. I look forward to working with our staff, students, parents, and the community to ensure not only, social/emotional, mental, and academic success of all who walk through the doors at EBT. All are welcome at EBT! Giving up is not an option when you walk through our doors!

Dr. Heather D. Tyler, Principal