Uniform Policy

Eugenia B. Thomas K-8 Center has a mandatory school uniform policy. Additionally, there is a special dress uniform which is to be worn every Monday for Formal Monday. 

Winter jackets are also sold by the PTSA at the PTSA Store.  Lower Academy students must wear navy blue jackets/sweaters with the school logo and Upper Academy students must wear black jackets/sweaters with the school logo.  Please ensure your child has his/her jacket/sweater early in the year to prepare for cool mornings and winter weather.

Mondays are Formal Uniform Day, therefore your child must wear their formal uniform attire including ties for boys or crosstie for girls (with the exception of sixth, seventh and eighth grade girls).  

Fridays (or the last day of the week) are Spirit Day, therefore, your child may wear their EBT T-shirt sold by the PTSA with the approved uniform bottom. Students participating in any school related field trips must wear the Spirit day t-shirt.  In addition, closed toe shoes must be worn daily.

The School Board Policy 5511 addresses the student dress code. Students are expected to come to school with proper attention having been given to personal cleanliness, grooming and neatness of dress. Students whose personal attire or grooming distracts the attention of other students or teachers from their school work shall be required to make the necessary alterations to such attire or grooming before entering the classroom or be sent home by the principal or designee to be properly prepared for school. Students who fail to meet the minimum acceptable standards of cleanliness and neatness as determined by the principal and as specified in this policy shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures.